LollyPop blends in different elements of a restaurant, lounge and bar in order to create the perfect spot for an after work cocktail, dinner and drinks, or a late night party scene. Offering a dinner menu with a versatile and earthy environment perfect for any occasion or private event, you are sure to find what you are looking for here at LollyPop.

As after work rolls into night, LollyPop gradually transforms into an unrivaled, high energy party experiences.

“Our goal is to make your visit fun, unforgettable, and wanting to come back for more” – Peter Ivan, the managing partner of LollyPop.

This sexy and intimate, yet spacious venue is where people come to celebrate, while enjoying the music and ambiance. The decor sets the tone for contemporary elegance. LollyPop is known for its undeniable vibe, laid back yet sophisticated décor. Passionately conceived and designed to be a departure from the average food and bars scene, LollyPop is first and foremost about your experience. “We focus on three key areas and concepts to provide our guests an all-encompassing experience: a stylish setting serving superior drinks and fare while treating our guests as friends and family. We tend to steer away from the usual mainstream items and serve products that we ourselves enjoy” said Peter.


“It is a great position to be in where I really have carte blanche to come up with my own menus and be creative,” Chef Tudor Ivan confided when we spoke with him in LollyPop kitchen. Whereas there is room for artistry in the execution of menus designed by others, the freedom offered to Chef Tudor allows for the full spectrum of culinary creativity. By allowing a young, talented chef to express his creativity in a venue where everything is top quality, LollyPop is giving its guests an experience akin to dining in a celebrity chef’s first restaurant – the one that everyone recalls as having made his or her reputation. In sum, „the whole concept is a fine dining experience. Everything is pointed towards a pampered experience.” Top to bottom – décor, service and, of course, the food. „Opening LollyPop has been the realization of a dream for Peter and Tudor Ivan. „We’ve decided to try it for a year. We didn’t have anything to lose,” they said. Now about to conclude their ninth season, their fine-dining, chef-owned restaurant concept can be termed a success. Pooling their knowledge and experience, and combining local ingredients with global techniques, they prepare experimental dishes and offer them to their guests. Their eyes are always on their customers, trying to understand their reactions to the food and explaining the dishes to them.

Throw a glance at the wine list and you’ll find some interestingly named wines, each with its own distinct character. You are guaranteed to find a handful of things you will love on the menu in addition to discovering new and equally enjoyable items.

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